lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014


What is the morality of a mirror? Of a brushed steel facade? What does it say? What are its fears? What is it trying to hide? A mirror wants to make you look at yourself, and while this may seem mean, the mirror is really shy. It does not want anyone to gaze upon it, so it deflects back any extrospection and tries to blend in with the environment. The mirrored facade is not only hiding what is behind it, like an opaque unbrushed metal, but it is also trying to trick you into thinking for a second that nothing is there at all.

So, the morality of a mirror is something that wishes not to exist. Or distort its and others' existence.

PS- this isn't true, but it got me thinking today

miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014


That's the color right now. It was faint sea green from about March 2013 to October 2013. then black took hold strong. It will always hold strong actually. But for now, the color is rust. Not just one particular color, but just how rust exudes truth with such a bright hue often times. 

What is the morality of rust? I look at rust as the universe clearly correcting man often times. But it feels strongest when you can trust that it was intended by the designer. Especially I like when he designer can plan for the rust to take hold rather than pre-rusting which is lame. 

Endnote- but all of that is just my un-based opinion. Everything that happens is perfect, it's my fault for not understanding differing opinions and having hate for others because that ultimately reflects to me not understanding myself. But alas I will keep pushing.