miércoles, 23 de octubre de 2013

Commodifying Relationships

This has something to do with art and reality and why art will never truly suffice

martes, 15 de octubre de 2013

Art Week

Well, I was supposed to blog at the end of art month with my findings and such, but I kinda got back logged on my planned blogs, that's the problem with trying to keep 5 blogs on rotation, lol. 

But my full report will be coming after this week. This week is all about doing the artful things I denied myself for the past month. I figure it's only fair to have the opposite experiment. I don't think I will be doing artful things like drugs and alcohol though, I might have limits there. So yea, been listening to music as much as I can remember to now. I used to listen to it so much but after 30 days my habits have changed, I am comfortable focusing on just one thing now instead of always having to have background noise. 

Just today I was driving and took a wrong turn into some country road and it was spectacular. The fall colors were out in full force and the farmland looked Hollywood-esque in its execution. I was listening to music but I just had to turn it off to take in the experience. I kept trying to find places to park so I could walk around. I planned on catching up on blogging while I was out in the wilderness, but couldn't find parking or any public land out there, didn't wanna get shot lol. But yea, fall is officially my favorite season now (don't tell winter). And reality is so good!!!

Endnote- Thesis on existence coming soon, it is really starting to crystallize and mesh with my art vs reality study which is exciting.

sábado, 5 de octubre de 2013

NAM: Triumph

The triumph of reality over art is history. Art is completely dependent on deriving sensations that harken to past experiences. Art cannot be new it cannot be fresh. The attempt of abstract art is the closest thing. 

Reality can surprise you, teach you new things about yourself, with such a cutting edge of newness. Art coddles you and makes you complacent. 

Now, it cannot be said enough that Art as an input is what I am charging against. I think art as an output with pure real inputs can be a good personal training tool for taking on reality. In that way, art is practice for reality.