domingo, 20 de abril de 2014


The automation of architecture is on the heels of being reality. It would seem I should be against this as architecture is supposed to be romantic and human. I had a long talk with a dean of architecture a couple years ago about the future of architecture and they were dismayed by the machinistic future of home building. I see it as a great invention. The easier it is and cheaper it is to make the basic form and space of the house, the further we can push the smaller details and concern ourselves more with the environmetnal and siting of the building to perfectly fit into the landscape. It will enable us to build communities as a whole much more efficiently. And personally I would like to think it turns the consciousness of the house archetype from 'mine' and 'unique', to a more utilitarian and communal necessity. 

viernes, 11 de abril de 2014

Star of the Week

Shareef. What a guy. He is actually reinvigorating me to get back on my design horse and get these freaking ideas out of my head. I miss when I was 15, I spent all my free time either playing my football league or better yet making animations and games. It was so exciting and mostly about the process. The end result was always desired, but I miss the excitement in thinking and rethinking new ways to get the design done and improve on it. Lately, I have been trying to tackle php to get a much needed face-lift to my dodgeball league. I have been kinda frustrated with myself with how distracted I get when I am looking at the computer screen and hit a speed bump. The drive to find the solution has softened and now I just distract myself from the problem. But I have so many ideas for the DBL I need to see realized, I can't afford this apathy!! I know this seems crazy, but the real, far reaching goal is to increase my efficacy in what I see as a design tool. I plan to implement what I learn on PHP into my design thesis, and probably use as like an automatic house designer­™.

Endnote- I need like understudies and workers, too many ideas, too little time