lunes, 30 de diciembre de 2013

The Should

As I have been contemplating perfection and beauty, the maxim I proclaim that 'everything that is, is beautiful' has kinda irked me. Because if everything just is, then why strive for a perfect design? I could just design anything and it would be perfect because of the subconscious impulses that piece together my ideas. That is correct. But, I have come to the conclusion that there is a 'should'. That is what keeps us striving, that is the 'better'. And only the designer can really know what the should, should be. The should prevents surprise.

Surprise/Unexpected result only happens when one is not completely in tune with what they are designing. Say I am designing a building complex on the east side of Vancouver, if when I design it, it never fills with residents, it is my fault for not seeing the flow of economics and cultural patterns and all other things that dictate that surprise. If I am a based designer, I would have known it to not fill up, wouldn't be surprised. Even if as I am designing it, it never gets built because of a financial crisis, I should know that was going to happen! I know that is a tall order, but becoming based, I envision being able to sense the DNA of reality, not know everything but just pick up on the subtle changes, the mannerisms, the market behaviours, to know when a project will not get built for the litany of reasons they don't.

So, the should comes where surprise is squeezed out. Where the surprise is squeezed out to every party involved. Nobody will be able to say, 'it should have been this way', leaving the trust to such a based designer, you would never have to question. The occupant, the contractor, the designer should encounter the space and feel natural, not a surprise, but maybe a previously unknown known that has come to light. Like seeing a mothers breast as a child and knowing to suck, just perfect. 

martes, 10 de diciembre de 2013