domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015

Occupy Shawnee Apartments

Email I received from my apartment complex concerning my window shade:

Hello Hasheem and Darrell,

I noticed that you have a brown window covering in one of your windows.  We require blinds to be kept on all windows so that the appearance of our property from the outside is uniform.  

You will need to purchase a new blind for your window by 9am Monday, February 9th.  If you need help installing it, please let us know and we will have maintenance hang the blind for you.  
The blind color is Alabaster and the size for the bedroom window is 47 x 48.  You can purchase these blinds at Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot.  

We will be installing a new blind on Monday if you have not purchased one by the deadline above.  If we replace the blind from our inventory, we will have to charge your account $57. Again, we will be glad to hang your blind if you purchase the right color and size on your own.  

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.  

Thank you,

My Response:

I have the blind. I hand crafted my 'light regulator' to beautifully illuminate the interior of my private space. It is a piece of my expression of self. And I am proud of it. I strive for a world where we as a whole are not afraid of being different and expressing who we are. The fear of being different is what holds us back from true happiness and equality. The need to be 'uniform' is a weak endeavor. Whose appearances are we keeping up? Who really cares how something looks if it isn't harming them? How is this any different than having a vase in my window? Or Christmas lights up? We have to be brave enough to be proud of our uniqueness. 

However, I will take it down and replace it with the industry standard blind I have been provided by Monday. I am an honest person that respects the authority that has gifted me with a space to stay. 

My hope I that maybe someone walking by has been inspired by my work. And if that has happened, that is all that matters and the 'brown covering' has served it's purpose. 

Their Response:

Thank you!