lunes, 20 de enero de 2014


I think a nice thesis to examine would be the existence of 'community' in an ever automating world. For this past year I was so adamant about the farmers market, and a big reason was because of the community aspect. But in actuality farmers markets are non progressive when you break it down economically. 

Church can serve a huge role in establishing a consciousness of place. It is so convenient because these people believe in the same principles you believe in down to the entire meaning of life! That is a strong bond, and it is very easy to feel like those people are an extension if yourself. 

But what about the non religious, non farmers market, non soccer league, etc people? Will there ever be a platform where people from completely different backgrounds will come together and freely share (in a non violent tone) their vast array of opinions and desires? You could say it already happens on the internet, but for the most part the internet is what reddit calls a 'circle jerk'. It is so hard not to only seek out the perspectives that only validate yourself. 

But thinking about it, there is always something in common to begin with that makes people cross paths, and a lot of times the thing in common plays into much others things in common. So I guess the question is where is the place where everyone meets? Be it virtually or physically? They be at walmart? Football stadiums? Where does the old war veteran and young software tycoon sit down and enjoy each other without forcing it?

I am thinking it has to be a basic element of life. That's why religion can do it so well. A food hall? No, rich people would thumb their noses at that. A museum would seem like a kind of place for various people. Idk something that he human spirit will effortlessly flock to.

jueves, 9 de enero de 2014

This has to be the year

All of my purism studies must come together in some way this year. This has to be it. Thesis is in 7 months, I want to get absolutely as much as possible out of a year of simply understanding what I want to contribute to design. I need to shape my habits now to have my brain ready to combine inputs into a perfect tapestry by August. I need this Sheem, and I know you have it.