domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

American Track Club 3: Rough Draft Chain of Events

-Year 1-
In the fall, the league will set up the 16 cities to host teams. The agents of athletes will be contacted to request their athletes join the league. A draft of sorts will be held to select these athletes. The rest of the roster spots will be filled with local athletes.

Come spring, the athletes will come to the localities to train. The athletes will have travel, meals, lodging, paid for on the weekends of the meets. The teams will travel Saturday, and compete Sunday. This leaves time for unsigned athletes to work regular jobs. To the athlete and agent, this will be an improvement from having to foot the bill for getting into meets. The fans will get in free to the meets and the web casts will be free on FloTrack. By time the Championship rolls around, the buzz for the league will have pushed NBC Sports Network to broadcast that meet.

After the season, the athletes will have now gained much recognition. They will be invited to more meets with bigger purses. America will be able to host bigger meets because more fans will show up during the summer.

The league wide operating costs will be $3 Million.

-Year 2-3-
The athletes will now see their profiles rise. They will want pay and the sponsors and owners will see the cost benefit to honor this. The league implements a $4k season salary for each athlete. Top athletes would want more money and to feed this feeling, the meets would now offer cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, in individual events. The webcasts now are paid subscriptions. The meets now cost money to see. And a deal with NBC Sports Network has been signed for 1 meet a week for the season. Fan interest rises, more athletes are finding opportunities in track to compete in the US.

The league wide operating costs will be $10 Million.

-Year 4-6-
USATF and IAAF are now intrigued. They now promote this league and now international athletes begin to request admittance. The hard-working part time job athletes are beginning to get squeezed out. NCAA athletes are coming out of college expecting to be drafted into this league. Profits are now rising pretty well, the athletes can expect to make an average of 15k from the 5-7 week season. The individual clubs are now being bought out by bigger companies and sponsors. The groundwork is being laid for a better infrastructure of track in the USA. New stadiums, better research into the sport, better technology. Championship is now on NBC. 

The league wide operating costs will be $25 Million.