miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014

The price of rice in China

So I presented my work for the first time today. I'm terrible at words when it comes to this idea I have. The problem is that I don't want to misrepresent the whole  of the idea, but the problem is I don't think my idea fits words exactly. It's a feeling that encompasses many many things going on at the same time. You could say I'm studying the communal sense of self. You could say I'm studying special oppression. But there are so many layers and definitions within those topics that only I have defined and the words I used to define them are tailored just for me. This is where I trip up. When people hear things like selfish, or hoarding, or communism, they get triggered to go on a tangent on their own.

So, suffice to say I looked and felt crazy today. :/

But after thinking about it, I think there was a success. A professor that I had always respected was talking to me about my project today and I was able to find her point where she started to push back. We are always told to think and let all the possibilities flow. But I was able to successfully peel back her layers and see where she drew her lines. Just a secret thesis study.

She gave me a very hard question to think about. So much so that I was sitting outside zoned out and a fellow student whom I didn't know remarked to me, "trying to untangled your thesis?"  I have been stressing about the possibility that my idea is not architecture related. Or perhaps, I am asking too much of architecture. I think that will be the question I will be attacking the rest of the year. The concept gives me a refreshing sense of absolute panic.

What if architecture is life? Is architecture only a coat of paint on culture and quality of life? Or can architecture spark innovation? Can it cleanse the soul in such a way that we lay down our weapons of religion, nationality, race and embrace each other as humans? And if it can't, what can?

The home is the heart of your meta existence. You go there every night and rejuvenate. Can a perfect setting center you in such a way to promote the communal sense of self? Can it put you in flow with the universe?

The price of rice in China should affect architecture. Can architecture be that sensitive to the exact time in which it is realized that it acts as a time stamp of mankind? Is that perfection? Beauty?