lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014

People are Important

It is interesting to see the things people really care about. There is so much "stunting" as I like to call it in everyday talk and actions, twitter feeds and facebook statuses. It is nice to see how important things are to the individual. It shouldn't be surprising, most things were best friends, lovers, jobs, life trajectory. I guess I am enamored with how this highest of importances then trickles down to 'everyday' hobbies and habits. This is why it is dangerous to 'hate' someone or write someone off. Take time to realize what makes them, why they are striving for what they are striving for. I have come to the conclusion that I can't hate anyone. I wrote a friend about this months ago:

Theory: There is a possibility of an amicable bond between every two people.
-Since everyone is beautiful, misunderstanding of a person is an inward flaw.
-It is ones own fault if they cannot piece together and come to peace with the factors that drives the other person.
-One isn't seeing all the factors because of personal bias and personal dissatisfaction.
-Ultimately we exist within each other, so displeasure is transitive.