martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013

NAM: Art Tweets

Notes in chronological order for the first week of no art

Making art is practice for reality
Where is the line between making art for benefit and making art to distract?
Are you the universe?
Art could be non essential unhealthy eating
Art is quickstory, where as reality is longstory
Learning methods of communication (various types and senses) strengthens your reality potential
Art is practice
You shouldn't watch practice
You should only be inspired by hearing of their practice to do your own practice
Communication is the bridge from physical existence to meta existence <-- This is why we have dialog even with our selves
The thinner (more unfiltered) the media that is bringing you reality, the better
Art is a tool to complete a damaged or malformed personal development circle
God is real,  meaning, what is real is God