viernes, 20 de septiembre de 2013

No Art Month

In light of my attack on the institution of art last week, I have had some realizations. One being that art is not black and white, is or is not, it is a gradient from art to real. The other realization is that my stances aren't founded on anything I can stand by from experience, and I personally enjoy art a lot.

So, my conclusion is that I will experience and note my feelings and how they change while fasting from art for a month. This endeavor will firstly help me define what exactly art is and where the arts fit in the gradient. It will also help me envision a world without art and a society that has 100% fulfillment. And see if that Is even a worthy goal. Maybe I will discover the inevitability of the arts, their necessity, why reality continues to force it on us. Maybe I will discover what happens to a dream deferred.

Endnote- I'm excited, join me on my journey I will try to update regularly with each new thought I have about art! Maybe I'll make a twitter-like blog just for this endeavor.